Monday, August 31, 2009

Story : How I tell my first planned lie in life

Scene 1: Eve of the exam
Eight year old aswathi, the protagonist is preparing hard for her class 3 final exams. The class 3 finals seem to be of utmost importance to her because at that point of time hardly does she know the series of CAT,MAT,SNAP, XAT tests that she’d be going through after a few years..not to mention about the civil service one!
Explanation 1: CAT,MAT,SNAP are entrance exams for pursuing your management studies in premier business schools like IIMs, Symbiosis, Xaviour’s etc.
Scene 2: Day of the exam
She reaches her class and to her dismay and to make her worst nightmare true she faces the hard truth of life – it was Malayalam (2nd language) that day while she has come prepared thinking its Mathematics! At the age of eight, the art of bunking and bluffing still unknown to her she is left with no choice but to face the exam.
Scene 3: Same day, evening
She walks back home thinking harder than Einstein. She knows that her father would be waiting for her at the door steps to go through the question paper. She feels more tensed than an Indian envoy to Pak would feel.
She reaches her house and her dad greets her with the expected questions..
How did the exam go – yeah great!! I’d score a 95+ !! then he asks me to show him the paper and my teeny weeny brain comes up with this wonderful idea at the moment “oo..athu njan aa kuttikkaattil kalanju” (oo..I threw it away in between the roadside shrubs) Oho! Trouble, deep deep trouble! Does her dad smell something fishy? Oh yes! He does! Shrub? which shrub? That one..oh fine..lets go and fetch it back! Poor little aswathi! She stands there blinking at him like a little owl and quietly follows him down the lane as he walks towards the shrubs. He starts searching the whole area for the maths question paper and asks her to join the search. She tries to put up the best performance and searches for the question paper which she’s sure, not there (Oh God! When did dad become so jobless!). After quite a long time they return home without being able to trace the item of the day.
That night aswathi does a lot of strain. She has to prepare for Maths which actually comes the next day but her dad thinks its Malayalam. So she keeps her Maths note inside her Malyalam text and does the preparation, oof!!
Scene 4: Next day, bus stop
Aswathi is waiting for her school bus along with her dad. There comes one of her classmates Divya. Aswathi’s father walks over to Divya and starts a friendly conversation and their topic drifts towards the ongoing exams. Aswathi tries her best to avoid it by shouting venda vendacha venda…don’t want dad, don’t want… He is totally amused at this strange behavior but carries on..Well don’t ask the rest! Realisations, confrontations, confessions and finally forgiveness.
Aswathi is also happy that its summer holidays so that she doesn’t have to face Divya for two months.
PS: The results are declared and the protagonist scores an A grade in all subjects and gets the proficiency prize that year also.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

LIFE, The Weirdness!

Life !

Last night I received an sms..It goes like this

“ When I got enough confidence, the stage was gone

When I was sure of losing, I won

When I needed people the most, they left me

When I learnt to dry my tears, I found a shoulder to cry on

When I mastered the skill of hating, somebody started loving me

That’s it..”

Weird isn’t it? Yes that’s life..sometimes it gives you a hundred reasons to laugh. You laugh so much that your stomach hurts…and sometimes, sometimes it stabs you so badly that your eyes starts to bleed. Why are we here? Why the hell are we here?? Is it just to eat, sleep, work and die? Or is there something more? is there a reason..a reason behind my existence..your existence..Is there a purpose I was put here, in this city of Kozhikode in my mother’s womb? Yes, I believe so! May be its my foolishness, and anyone who has a difference of opinion is well honoured. No offense please!

I was just jotting down a mere thought of mine. Everyone is here for a purpose. God has send each one of us down here with a tinge of his blessing, so that we can work a miracle. A mere little miracle it can be, in someone’s life, someone’s faith, someone’s fate.

As Max Lucado says

“You weren’t an accident. You weren’t mass produced. You aren’t an assembly line product. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted and lovingly positioned on earth by the Master craftsman”.

So love your life, live it.

PS: This is written in dedication to two of my beloved degree class mates, Dhanya and Divya who ended their lives on a sad note last week. God bless their souls, Amen.